The Competition Committee along with Youth Committee of the Global Basava Convention 2020, extends a very warm welcome to all prospective attendees. As has been customary at each convention, various types of competitions are planned for 2020 convention.

Vachanas are the ways Sharanas since 12th century expressed their life experiences and their relation to divine. These expressions became the pillars of Veerashaivism. Vachanas provide guiding light in our lives, so its most appropriate to hold these competitions/Debates and Anubhava Ghosthi, under a theme “Vachanave Jeevana”.

Following are some of the competitions and activities planned for this year’s convention. Once attendees register, a mail will be sent to registrants which will contain a link for signing up to competitions and activities. We encourage everyone to take part in great numbers and in the process explore and experience the wealth that Vachanas provide. Competitions committee has planned these events to be very interesting, challenging and with some fun for all ages. We look forward to individuals, teams, families and Chapter – Teams taking part in these programs.

Competitions planned are:

Art competitions:

                       Drawing – for all ages.
                       Rangoli and other kinds of decoration competitions. – Adult and Youth.

Dance Competitions:

                       Dance form 2 categories – Classical (any form Bharatha Naatya, Kathak etc.) and Folk Dance (to the tune of Vachana )
                       (Depending on the chapter participation – We might have a Group Dance competition.)

Folk Songs Singing Competitions:

                        For All Ages.

Vachana Recital Competitions:

                       Age:  below 6 years.

Vachana Singing Competitions:

                       For all Ages.

Vachana Quiz Competition:

                       Age:  Kids 6-12

Jeopardy Style Vachana Competitions:

                      Veerashaiva Themed Quiz competition around Vachanas, Sharanas and other facts and events about Veershaiva.
                      Age:  Adults 

Vachanave Jeevana Themed Treasure Hunt game:

                     Challenging and informative game for the whole family.
                     Age: Group activity

Vachana Themed Bingo Game:

                      A Bingo game with a Vachana theme.
                      Age: group Activity for the whole family/chapter

Anubhava Ghosthi:

                     Age: Youth and Adults – This will be a moderated type of discussion on a topic. 

Vachana Poster Sessions:

                    Poster assigned for each chapter and Individuals – Posters will be part of the Meravanige and then a session in the conference.
                    Age: individual and Group

“ಕನ್ನಡ ಸಾಹಿತ್ಯಕ್ಕೆ ವಚನಗಳ ಕೊಡುಗೆ”

                     Contributions of Vachanas to Kannada Literature – Inviting speakers to provide their views on how Vachanas has enriched Kannada Literature.

Workshop on Vachana Singing for Seniors:

                   A workshop is planned for Seniors and interested adults on singing Vachanas.  Group will be provided training in singing 2-3 Vachanas and on final day of the  convention group will get to perform on main stage (5-6 minutes).